The store

In Ancient Greek city states, the agora—literally translated as 'marketplace' or 'gathering place'— was the cultural, political, athletic, and spiritual center of society. Citizens flocked to agora to experience new things, meet new people, and expose themselves to art and culture, just as our clients do when they enter our 21st century Agora. Located downtown in the Manchester Grand Hyatt for 14 years, our antique store and art center has evolved under new ownership from an art gallery to a high-end boutique of diverse pieces pulled from around the world. We are committed to finding our clients unique pieces and interior decor of all styles, from both estates and individual artists, while sharing with them our expertise. We look forward to helping you find the perfect additions for your home or office. Agora Galleries is locally owned.

Mission: To supply art collectors or individuals with an appreciation for art with one of a kind statement pieces while continuing to represent local and international artists.  

Please contact us for consignments or to assist with the purchasing of estates and fine art.