Jeff Vermeeren Biography

Jeff Vermeeren was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He owned a demolition and excavation company and felt an urge to revisit his creative energies. Vermeeren considers his work to be in the genre of what he terms the 'extreme abstract.' Using a wide range of striking colors, Jeff seeks to imbue his creations with different emotions. On each surface is a collision of feelings and colors, simultaneously blending and clashing in a cacophonous visual drama. Vermeeren's techniques are unique: using a combination of chemicals, he first freezes his work and then fires it. The cooling and heating effects form the patterns and motions alive in his works, each created by chance meetings of fire and ice. Sometimes involving over one hundred and twenty steps, Vermeeren's dogged method is reflected in the intricate interlacing colors and substances in his pieces. Vermeeren coats his aluminum-backed pieces with a resin that withstands both fingerprints and UV rays. This resin allows Vermeeren's pieces to be placed outdoors, decorating exteriors beautifully. His works take myriad shapes, many of which are grouped into different series. Vermeeren has a Gears series, of works shaped as differently-sized mechanical gears, a Flame series, in which tendrils extend outward with fiery strength, and a Platinum series, whose works are generally rectangular.