Juan Gastelum was born on July 6, 1970 in Tijuana, Mexico. In 1997 he majored in Graphic Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana del Noroeste and Universidad de las Californias, in Tijuana, Mexico. There he studied Pre-Columbian style artwork, admiring the work of Bernini and the Baroque. He mixes Mexican colonial style of Baroque with images of today’s world creating a unique and individual contemporary style. Two years later, after doing free-lanced work as a graphic designer, he decided to dedicate his full time to the art of sculpture. In 2008 he decided to expand on his artistic talents and began to paint. Since then, he has mixed his projects between sculpture and painting. In between projects Juan enjoys playing guitar and reading as ways to relax and stimulate the mind.

Juan spent some time in the capital city of Mexico and visited many pueblos in more rural Mexican settings. This gave him an insightful perspective and knowledge of the old traditions in Spanish and Mexican art. His artistic style ranges from raw animal depictions to new interpretations of older Mexican and Spanish styles of art. The artist achieves a unique style by adding a contemporary flare to his sculptures. His work continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of many art fans.