Renee Tay Biography



The INVISIBLE reveals itself in my Mystical Pointillist paintings. Thousands upon thousands of colorful hues of energy swirl and dance in the form of dots. Layers upon layers of dots separated out by the viewer's own mind to appear as if the painting travels into and out of it's own framed boundaries. Goddesses, princesses and even my own higher self with their sweet innocent expressions stand out by their simplicity in the obsessively detailed explosion of dots. Butterflies represent the gentle caresses of the INVISIBLE. They are there to remind us that we too are beings emerging from our own chrysalis. Being a pointillist painter was in itself, a metamorphous. It first started from a vision I had of art from my life before this life. I saw an image that I can only compare to a massive exploded stain glass window. I began painting these images in my folk art paintings in the 1990's. Later to be fine tuned to almost complete pointillism. In contrast to my "Must cover all space" style of art, my life is a simple existence. I am very happily married to a fellow artist. We live a simple life with few belongings in a humble home in the mountains of Southern California. I am an Empath Intuitive and I feel the World as energy all around me. So I prefer my neighbors to be ancient oaks, moss covered boulders and fresh breezes.

Inspirations and Creative Thoughts - Mystical Pointillist Paintings of Renée Tay

A very talented artist from San Diego, CA