Robert Hagan Biography


Robert Hagan was born in Murwillumbah, NSW Australia. He graduated from University with an Arts degree in Economics and a Diploma in Education. His first exhibition was at the Woollahra Galleries in 1974, which Hagan claims was "largely unsuccessful, but nevertheless encouraging." He spent much of his twenties wandering and painting, teaching intermittently, and eventually teaching himself how to paint. After three years of this painstaking self-teaching and over-thinking, Hagan claims he had a breakthrough on the beach: the simplicity of nature led him to the revelation that he needed but a few colors to capture its brilliance. His painting career thus began at the beach, where he painted every variety of seaside life for two years. From 1980 to 1988, Hagan held numerous successful exhibitions in Australia. 

Hagan moved to San Diego in 1991 to paint the America’s Cup battle and published his second book of Australian paintings. Cherished Moments, his book of paintings and prose celebrating women and children, was published and in 1998 Hagan returned to Australia in 1998 with his children.

Agora proudly displays a variety of Hagan's paintings. Our collection includes Western works, selections from his paintings of women and children, and paintings of animals. Working with loose brushstrokes and bright, illuminating colors, Hagan creates eye-catching and sentimental scenes.