Wes Hunting is a glass artist working out of Princeton, Wisconsin. Hunting came to glasswork by chance, having majored in painting in college at Kent State University in Ohio. Near Kent State was a small glass shop. The head gaffer at the studio quit suddenly one day. In a bind, the manager turned to Hunting, hiring him and also introducing him to his lifelong career and passion. Hunting continued on to study glass at institutions in Ohio and North Carolina. Initially settling upon Chicago as the city to launch his first blown glass studio, Hunting found the city and the glass-blowing business clashed: Chicago has exceedingly strict fire code regulations, a downside for glass artists. Thus, several years later, Hunting moved out of the city for greener pastures. He bought land in rural Princeton, Wisconsin, finding the environment much more suitable for glass artistry. It was in this midwestern landscape that Hunting developed his signature style, making glass pieces that are at once vibrant and elegant.  He has worked in Wisconsin ever since, now with his son Wes as his assistant.

Hunting can craft myriad shapes and sizes of vessels, amphorae, bowls, and vases. Each piece he makes is unique, with fine crosshatching, millefiori, organic shapes, and intricate patterns dancing across the smooth surfaces.